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Get to know us​!

Heu-what? Heuristic Healing Nutrition—it’s the word you’ve never heard of and never knew you needed! “Heuristic” means enabling someone to learn something for themselves, and we do it well. We have spent years guiding people to discover what makes them feel invincible in their bodies.

Optimizing your health is an ongoing journey, and our mission is to support you. We make healthy nutritional supplements with ingredients you can trust so you can fuel your body like a pro and easily create delicious and nutritious meals. 

We strive to create tools—aka functional foods like protein powders with targeted, tested, and high-quality ingredients, that make your life easier and help you get healthy, fast. 

Who we are ​

We are a team of nutritionists and dietitians who are vegetable lovers, nutrition nerds, and amateur chefs. Most of all, we are passionate about helping people get their healthy on.

Why did we start with a protein powder?​

One thing we learned by working with thousands of clients is that in order to successfully make lifestyle changes last over the long-term, you gotta love your food. But finding, shopping and preparing healthy food isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of research and effort to ensure you are eating the right combination of foods. In order to give you the biggest leg up, we decided to focus on the product that could have the biggest impact on your health, with the least amount of your effort. To get clients the greatest transformations we have found that starting with a protein powder is a critical first step.  

So we set out to craft a protein powder that you could easily incorporate into one or more meals a day. We formulated it for maximum impact (go big or go home, right?!) We want to balance your blood sugar, help you stay focused, maintain a steadier mood, experience fewer cravings and sustain smooth energy levels throughout the day. What we have for you today is an awesome, balanced protein that is packed with ingredients we want our loved ones (and ourselves, of course) to enjoy every day. And yep, you bet, it’s delicious. 

Healthy Habits Start Here ​

Whether your goal is weight loss, correcting imbalances, detoxing, or disease prevention, having a great foundation is key.

Where can you find us?

Come and meet us at our East Bay, CA location!

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