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Rebecca Walker MBA, CNC, Managing Partner

Ten years ago Rebecca survived on various forms of sugar and carbs! She was tired all the time, didn’t sleep well, gained 30 pounds in 30 days, and her cravings were out of control. She had a very big wake up call when her father died an untimely death at 55 of a heart attack. 

She knew that she needed to change her sugar addiction and unhealthy habits.
Rebecca transformed my health forever when she quit her Coke habit and swapped candy for quinoa (keen-wah). 

She became energetic in the morning, slept so much better, and now weighs less at 44 than she did at 29. Most importantly, she doesn’t fear dying an untimely death like her father. Now she guides women every day to transform their lives.

As a stickler for high-quality foods (and quick, healthy meals), Rebecca decided to take matters into her own hands once her favorite protein powder went out of business. 

Because she couldn’t find a tasty option that also contained clean ingredients, she decided to embark on the adventure of creating her own. (That’s how she rolls 😊). 

She is so committed to helping people get healthy, but knows it won’t work unless the food also tastes good and it’s easy to prepare—which is why, after a lot of trial and error, she’s so excited to share Heuristic Healing Nutrition’s power-packed and super scrumptious protein powder (which has won all the taste tests we’ve run against other popular brands). 

She can’t wait for you to try it and make a simple lifestyle shift to get you on the path toward your highest wellness.

Rebecca holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication. She is a trained Life Coach, is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, holds a Wilderness First Responder, Avalanche I, and a Leave No Trace Certification.

In her spare time she loves to read (military thrillers are her fav), she
unapologeticlaly overuses parenthesis, enjoys playing soccer on the weekends,
butchering golf and is a tech geek. She likes adventure and has packed over
1,000 miles of wilderness, has ridden bulls (yes, real ones), has gone sky
diving, hang gliding, skeletoning and is always planning something new to push her limits.