Vanilla – Whatever It Shakes (30 Servings)

$74.95$389.00 or subscribe and save up to 7%

This plant-based protein powder is packed with 27 additional nutrients and will transform your shake into a powerhouse of a breakfast or recovery shake in one simple step. Each bag contains 30 servings (yep, you read that right… it’s a big bag!)

Make this Step 1 in your healthy day!

Vanilla - Whatever It Shakes (30 Servings) $74.95$389.00 or subscribe and save up to 7%

The plant-based protein powder you have been looking for

From the start, we knew we wanted to make a comprehensive plant-based protein powder that was not only delicious, but included ingredients that were going to improve client outcomes. After rounds and rounds of formulating and testing, we couldn’t be more proud of the results!

We know your clients are unique but there are also lots of common health concerns. That’s why we’ve included our favorite ingredients to support stress and adrenals (like rose hips and rhodiola), address inflammation (with broccoli sprouts and Boswellia), improve digestion (check out our enzyme blend), boost the immune system (we love our mushroom mixture), and increase energy (think MCT oil and CoQ10—energy superstars!).

You’ll find we have intentionally omitted things like sugar, artificial sweeteners, lectins, soy, gluten & dairy because those just aren’t winners for everybody. We use only Non-GMO ingredients and rigorously test for the purity of ingredients. That’s right, just the right stuff.

Whatever It Shakes tastes so damn good!!
– Kristin
So good in fact, we put it on a pedestal...
And we think you will too!
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Why will your clients love the Whatever It Shakes™ taste?

Ever try a protein powder that’s gritty or chalky and you can barely get it down? Us too, and then it just sits on the shelf or client buy it once but never come back to buy it again. We care about flavor and texture so we crafted a mix of proteins and nutrients that are delicious, smooth, and crave-worthy. Coconut MCT powder, for example, makes it creamy and smooth, and  energizes your clients! They will be back to purchase over and over because they will love how they feel and will love the taste.

If you are a chocolate lover, Choco-mazing won’t disappoint. Prefer Vanilla? You can’t go wrong with a classic! Enjoy it on its own or have clients mix it with vegetables and fruit for additional nutrients.

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Not just about protein

Optimizing your client’s health is an ongoing journey, and our mission is to support you in getting client success and building a successful business. We know that incorporating a protein shake into your client’s daily life is an easy step towards healthy living, but you need more than just protein itself! We packed our protein powder full of additional ingredients that will have the biggest impact for your clients, with the least amount of your effort. And of course, we include only ingredients we want our closest friends and loved ones to consume.

Watch That Energy Rise

Increase brainpower, cardiovascular function, focus, energy, and blood sugar balance with our favorite (and tasty) ingredients to keep your clients energized: MCT powder, CoQ10, ginger, and cinnamon.

Pumped Up Protein

You've heard of yellow pea protein, and pumpkin protein but now meet sacha inchi . This blend is generally well-tolerated, non-allergenic and clean. You get the benefits of a great amino acid profile without the digestability or inflammation concerns.

Enhance Your Immunity

You know the benefits of the humble but mighty mushroom to support the immune system and now you can make it easy for your clients to get Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Chaga, and right in their protein powder.

We’ve Got Your Gut

We know that most clients struggle with digestive issues so we included a digestive blend that works! Glutamine, aloe vera, marshmallow root and fennel seeds are amazing for soothing and repairing the gut lining, calming inflammation, calming bloating, and improving digestion. We also added digestive enzymes to help clients in one easy step. They can more easily break down the protein, leaving them less gassy and more satisfied.

Knock Out Inflammation

Reducing inflammation can be a game changer for clients feeling better fast! Broccoli sprout extract, quercetin, and Boswellia: herbs and extracts are excellent for natural inflammation reduction and boosting the immune system. Help clients get anti-inflammatory support without additional pills.

Stress Be Going, Going, Gone

Stressed out clients are no fun and they struggle with health issues as a result. Help clients stress less with adaptogenic herbs and inositol, calming nutrients. To replenish the adrenals Adaptogenic herbs, including roots of Astragalus and Rhodiola Rosea, are included to help your clients recover!

The Benefits of Being Single

Need easy packets for when clients who are on-the-go? Grab some of our Single Serve Whatever It Shakes™ Sample Packets!