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What Happened To Nutragen

We know that it can be frustrating when a favorite product is nowhere to be found! You find just the right ingredients that work for you, the flavor is great, and now you can’t find it anywhere. 

We feel your pain. We were one of the first places to ever carry Nutragen. We loved the quality of their products and the great flavor. Nutragen’s Pure Plant Protein was a client favorite and we were so sad to see it go. 

It’s so hard to find a great vegan protein powder that isn’t gritty and tastes delicious. We loved that the Digestion Plus worked to help us stay full and poop just perfectly 😊, and that you could adjust the amount for the individual.

Heuristic Healing Nutrition Protein Powder Whatever It Shakes Vegan Protein Powder better than Kachava

Where Can I Find Nutragen Products:

So, what happened to Nutragen and where can you find products? The good news is that we still have Nutragen Vanilla Pure Plant Protein and Nutragen Digestion Plus. You can order by calling or texting our sister company at 925-280-4442. We still have these products because we purchased lots and lots of products prior to Nutragen selling their company.

If Nutragen Was Sold Then Why Can’t I Find The Products?

Now, you might be wondering what happened to Nutragen if they were purchased. Well, that company has a reputation for purchasing products and changing formulations or purchasing products and not having them come back out. As with most large companies they need to eek every dollar out of the product so even if it comes back it won’t be the same quality. And right now it is not back out anyway. They were sold to an MLM (multilevel marketing company) that has actually been sued for being a pyramid scheme. We would never do business with them and would never purchase their products because we would not be able to stand by the quality.

New Protein Powder That Beat Nutragen In Taste Tests

I bet you are now wondering what you are going to do once you run out of protein powder. Well, we were wondering that too! We tested lots of different protein powders. We found some with awesome ingredients but they tasted awful. We found some with a great taste but lousy ingredients. So we decided to make our own. We will be launching Heuristic Healing NutritionTM’s first shake called, Whatever It ShakesTM in just a few weeks.

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Why Buy This Protein Powder

We Came Up With Our Wish List For A Comprehensive Vegan Protein Powder, And Are Proud Of The Results! We’ve Included Our Favorite Ingredients To Support Stress And Adrenals (Like Rose Hips And Rhodiola), Address Inflammation (With Broccoli Sprouts And Boswellia), Improve Digestion (Check Out Our Enzyme Blend), Boost The Immune System (We’re Proud Of Our Mushroom Mixture), And Increase Energy (Think MCT Oil And Coq10—Energy Superstars!). Both Protein Powder Flavors Are Chock Full Of Really Good Stuff, And Will Make You Believe That Healthy Eating Can Taste Great.

Watch That Energy Rise

Increase brainpower, cardiovascular function, focus, energy, and blood sugar balance with our favorite (and tasty) ingredients to keep you going at your best all the livelong day: MCT powder, CoQ10, ginger, and cinnamon.

Pumped Up Protein

Our unique blend of yellow pea protein, organic sacha inchi and pumpkin protein is generally well-tolerated, non-allergenic and clean. Rather than relying on one protein source, we’ve mixed it up so you get the benefits of the nutritional elements of several ingredients. And there’s no rice, soy, or gluten to throw your system out of whack.

Enhance Your Immunity

We’ve harnessed the power of the humble but might mushroom to buffer your immune system against the world’s woes. We love cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi and chaga, and know you will too.

We’ve Got Your Gut

We’re proud of this digestive blend because we know these ingredients work! Glutamine, aloe vera, marshmallow root and fennel seeds are amazing for soothing and repairing the gut lining, calming inflammation, calming bloating, and improving digestion. We’ve also included digestive enzymes so your body can break down food easily, leaving you less gassy and more satisfied.

Knock Out Inflammation

Inflammation, be gone! Broccoli sprout extract, quercetin, and Boswellia: herbs and extracts are awesome at quelching inflammation and boosting the immune system. Inflammation is implicated in most chronic diseases, so it’s really important to keep levels as low as possible. That’s why we included these ingredients, so you get a dose of anti-inflammatory superstars on the daily.

Stress Be Going, Going, Gone

Stress less with adaptogenic herbs and inositol, calming and grounding nutrients to take the edge off and get you through your days more even-keeled. Adaptogenic herbs support the adrenal system so you’re chill when needed and have a pep in your step when called for!