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Kersti Peter, Partner

As a former Division I cross-country and track runner, Kersti knew that lean body mass was critical for success, but she just couldn’t realize it for her own body. She used to run 60 miles a week BUT was three sizes larger than she is today!

Uncovering hidden food intolerances, learning the truth about weight loss and understanding how food and beverages impacted her own body has changed her life. 

She was inspired to get onboard with creating our protein powder because she wanted to make sure her kids (and other little ones) were getting nutrient-dense, delicious protein—and this one passes the kids’ taste test!

Before joining Cambiati, Kersti served as Technical Coordinator of Research for the Green Building Council of Australia where she contributed technical analysis and writing for the GreenStar sustainable building rating tool. 

While at the University of Melbourne, she lived at Ormond College and tutored undergraduate students in environmental and humanities subjects. Prior to this she organized academic events at the Global Climate & Energy Project at Stanford University.

Kersti holds a Master of Environment degree from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College. She lives in Orinda with her husband and adorable kids Svea and Miles.