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Jean Faust, Community Manager​

Jean, our community manager and multi-tasker extraordinaire, grew up in the Boston area. Cancer diagnoses for both her parents set in motion a shift in how she viewed our healthcare system and the role of nutrition in health. 

After seeing several family members suffer through conventional treatments, Jean wanted to empower herself and her family. She delved into her own research on nutrition, ways to prevent disease and strengthen the body’s own natural defenses. 

What she found along the way inspired her to get certified as a health coach and study sports nutrition. 

She loves working in the functional nutrition world and is passionate about helping people get well and feel their best, and was excited to be a part of the protein powder development and launch as a result.

She is the youngest of 9 children and is a triplet. Jean has lived many places – Boston, New York & London – before relocating to the Bay Area. In her previous life she worked as a paralegal and an analyst for an investment bank. In her free time she enjoys strength training, horseback riding and tequila.