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Heidi Timken JD, Partner

In 2009, Heidi was a 47-year-old trial lawyer, law firm owner, single mom to 2 teenage boys, lapsed athlete and all-around nutritional wreck. She had “starved herself” to a 30-pound weight gain by skipping meals altogether on a regular basis (breakfast and lunch usually) and eating food late at night.

Her body rebelled – and she felt helpless and resigned to a middle-aged fate of unexplainedweight gain and chronic exhaustion.

She worked with a nutritionist at a wellness center, shed the weight and felt better than ever—so good that she was inspired to start a wellness center of her own!

She was so transformed and impressed with the power of diet that
she wanted to share her newfound sense of wellness with the world. As an offshoot of that experience, Heidi was involved in bringing Heuristic Healing Nutrition’s protein powder to life.

Shakes have played an integral part in Heidi’s healing journey. They help her control cravings, increase her energy, and eat well on the go. Once again, she hopes to share this tool with as many people as possible.

She has since retired from the practice of law and am now fully engaged in the practice of life. She spends time the staff and clients at Cambiati Wellness, travels with friends and family, and is an avid tennis and pickle ball player who spends time almost every day engaged in some type of physical activity – fueled by the principles of Cambiati Wellness.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Brown University and a Juris Doctorate with Honors from Golden Gate University School of Law.

She was a founding partner at Timken Johnson LLP but has since retired.