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Cocoa Protein Balls ​

Need a mid-week pick-me-up? Look no further than our whole foods Cocoa PROTEIN BALLS! These delicious treats are packed with healthy fats from coconut, hemp seeds, and flax, making them the perfect sweet and satisfying snack. Give them a try and enjoy the energy boost they provide!

Strawberries ‘N Cream Shake ​

It’s strawberry season, which means it’s time for refreshing Strawberries ‘N Cream shakes! This bright pink shake is reminiscent of a clean-eating milkshake. Strawberries are an excellent source of high-fiber carbs and contain significant amounts of vitamin C, which plays a critical role in our immune system, supports the adrenal glands, acts as a nutritional antioxidant, and helps the body produce collagen. During times of stress, the body excretes more vitamin C, increasing our need for this important nutrient to keep our immune system functioning properly. Freezing your berries or buying frozen are also great options to make them last longer!